NGS Integrative Genomics Core Unit

Dr. Gabriela Salinas
NIG Head

Roya Abbaszadeh
PhD student

Dr. Emre Taylan Duman
Bioinformatics Scientist

Jacqueline Fink

Fabian Ludewig

Susanne Luthin

Dr. Maren Sitte
Bioinformatics Scientist

NIG, NGS Integrative Genomics Core Unit, is a central research service facility at the University Medical Center Göttingen (UMG) and functionally affiliated with the Institute of Human Genetics. We provide resources and services in genomics, transcriptomics and epigenomics to support biomedical research projects by applying next-generation sequencing technologies and microarray methods for genome analysis. Our users have access to extensive expertise and experience, cutting-edge infrastructure and carefully designed procedures. We also work continually on developing and establishing new technologies and implement them rapidly into our services.

Struktur der NIG

Our comprehensive lab service covers RNA/DNA preparation, quality control and sample preparation for deep sequencing and microarray analysis. If needed, we also provide researchers with extensive statistical and bioinformatic support ranging from assisting with experimental design to analyzing the generated experimental data.

Our consultation and lab services are open to research groups at the UMG as well as investigators from university and non-university cooperation partners on a cost-sharing basis.

Functional supervision of the core unit lies with Professor Bernd Wollnik, Director of the Institute of Human Genetics. Head of NIG is Dr. Gabriela Salinas.

We look forward to sharing our expertise and capabilities and helping you in your research project. Please contact us to arrange for a consultation or a cost estimate.

Services & Equipment

Our service portfolio includes initial consultation on project design, sample preparation, molecular analyses and preprocessing of data for further analysis (first-pass data generation).

Leistungen der NIG


Project design planning

An important step to a successful NGS-based experiment is the proper design of a detailed project plan. We aim to optimize the experimental setup to obtain high-quality material and statistical relevance. Together with our users we therefore initially address a number of questions, including:

  • What is the experimental question/hypothesis?
  • How is this experimental question best translated into a statistically relevant and cost effective setup?
  • What is the precise aim of the experiment?
  • What kind of samples should be used and how many of them are necessary to obtain a robust result?
  • How are these samples collected?
  • Which DNA/RNA isolation technique is optimal?
  • How is DNA/RNA integrity achieved?
  • Which platform/technique should be applied?

Next-generation sequencing

Next generation sequencing, or NGS, is a high-throughput approach that allows to analyze base pairs in DNA or RNA samples in a massively parallel fashion. NGS is a powerful tool to address a wide range of research questions. It requires DNA or RNA-based assays and is applied to detect larger genomic variations (e.g. copy number variations) as well as single nucleotide variants. Gene expression analysis, detection of epigenetic variations and molecular analyses including DNA methylation assays are also possible and required. NGS is a driver of discovery and opens the way to personalized medicine.


Our services include various microarray-based applications. Two microarray platforms, the Agilent and the Affymetrix, are available at the NIG. Specifically, we support our users with microarrays for genome expression analysis, exon arrays, miRNA arrays, genotyping and comparative genomic hybridization and SNP arrays.

Data analysis/Bioinformatics

We help researchers in experimental design planning, analysis and generation of publication-ready figures and result interpretation as well as recommendations of follow-up experiments. We support a wide range of NGS applications using both published and in-house developed software programs. Data generation includes quality assessment and optional filtering and trimming of the data. Data analysis includes extensive quality control (QC), mapping, read summarization/SNP calling, data visualization, statistics, functional annotation and interpretation of the data.

In case of leaving standard procedures either for laboratory protocols or statistical analysis and visualization, we would operate on a collaborative basis.



We maintain and operate state-of-the art instruments to perform a wide range of analyses in a cost efficient and timely manner.


  • HiSeq4000
  • HiSeq2500
  • NextSeq
  • MiSeq
  • MinION

Single-cell sequencing

  • C1 System Fluidigm
  • 10 x Genomics
  • CellenONE X1
  • ICELL8 (Takara)

NGS automation and sample quality control

  • Beckman Coulter’s Biomek-automated next-generation sequencing sample prep
  • Fragment Analyzer
  • Pippin prep


We look forward to discussing your specific research project with you. To submit a request, please complete the DNA/RNA sequencing contact form and send it to

Requested analyses will be performed in accordance with the guidelines laid down in the current Nutzerordnung (User Rules and Regulations) and Betriebskonzept (Operational Concept).



We highly recommend to contact us before starting your project. This will allow us to develop the best possible strategy that meets the demands of genome-wide analysis.


Dr. Gabriela Salinas
NIG Head

Sample shipment

Please send your samples to:

Dr. Gabriela Salinas
NGS-Integrative Genomics (NIG)
University Medical Center Göttingen (UMG)
Justus-von-Liebig Weg 11
37077 Göttingen


Publications NIG


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2018 and before

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