Genetic Counselling

We are happy to provide information and advice if you wish to learn more about the heritability or genetic factors involved in a disease either of yourself, your children or in your family. And by carrying out genetic testing in our laboratory, we manage to make a molecular diagnosis in more and more patients with clinically unexplained conditions.

In a genetic consultation, we explain the genetic aspects of a particular disorder, assess the risk of recurrence and the probable course of the disease, and we discuss potential treatment options. It is our aim to share with you all the information that will help you to answer emerging questions, for example regarding lifestyle, family planning, diagnostic or prenatal testing, and to decide what’s best for you.

Genetic counselling takes place in a personal meeting at our Institute or, on request, online by videoconferencing. You need to schedule an appointment.

We offer our genetic counselling services in collaboration with “Medizinisches Versorgungszentrum der UMG Bereich Humangenetik”. Consultations are covered by the German statutory health insurances and we will ask you for a referral issued by your family doctor or specialist doctor.

Specific groups of disorders and rare diseases

Genetic factors are either responsible for or involved in rare congenital disorders but also in common diseases like cancer. This makes clinical genetics highly relevant in many other clinical fields. To provide modern and comprehensive patient care, our clinical geneticists are active in a broad range of interdisciplinary clinics and collaborations addressing specific issues or diseases.

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