Gene of the Month

Gene of the Month – July: FDX2

Protein-bound iron-sulphur clusters are important biological cofactors and play a crucial role in electron transfer reactions. Additionally, they fulfill essential functions in diverse cellular [...]

Gene of the Month – June: MAGOH

Genetic or functional dependencies are often used by cancer cells to compensate the loss of function of one gene by the function of another gene in order to persist. By using genome-wide analyses [...]

Gene of the Month – May: POMP

The proteasome is a complex machinery in each cell which unfolds and breaks down proteins that are misfolded, damaged or no longer needed. The proteasome maturation protein (POMP) is essential [...]

Gene of the Month – April: EPO

Scientists from Norway and Switzerland uncovered for the first time a mutation in EPO, the gene encoding erythropoetin, as the genetic cause of an autosomal dominantly inherited form of [...]

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