Gene of the Month

Gene of the Month – July: KCNQ5

The KCNQ gene family encodes potassium channel proteins, which are essential for the transport of potassium ions across the cell membrane. It comprises five genes, and mutations in four of these [...]

Gene of the Month – June: CD55

Mutations of the CD55 gene have been identified by an international group of scientists as the cause of a new autosomal recessively inherited syndrome consisting of early-onset protein-losing [...]

Gene of the Month – May: YY1

YY1 encodes the yin and yang 1 protein, a well-known zinc-finger transcription factor, whose name reflects its dual function: it has both activating and repressing effects on the transcription of [...]

Gene of the Month – April: CRY1

Delayed sleep phase disorder (DSPD) is a common sleep disorder in which a person’s sleep/wake cycle is shifted beyond the usual or typically considered normal rhythm. Affected people are “night [...]

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